Monday, September 25, 2006

guess who is NOT on this luncheon's guest list?

(me and i would imagine ned too)

Bush Enters On Cat Feet

It's hard to imagine how a scheduled visit by the president of the United States could have a lower profile.Only 30 of Connecticut's most elite VIPs got invitations, not by mail but discreet phone call. The luncheon George W. Bush will attend in Greenwich Monday is so intimate that neither the White House nor state Republican Party will disclose where it will be or who is hosting it - except that it will be in a private home.But even when a fundraiser is wrapped in secrecy, the word spreads quickly among political insiders when the president is slipping into town and it'll cost $15,000 per couple to shake hands with him.Insiders say L. Scott Frantz, a 46-year-old investment banker, will host the lunch at his oceanfront estate in the Riverside section of Greenwich, a property that affords spectacular views of Long Island Sound.Frantz has contributed more than $150,000 to the GOP over the years but prides himself on being a low-key, out-of-the-spotlight fundraiser who does not flaunt his wealth............

and it's more like on WEASEL'S FEET not cat feel

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