Thursday, September 21, 2006

superior court judge patricia harleston made a sound ruling in this case

in my most humble opinion. what these three former uconn students did was BEYOND WRONG. women are NOT objects to be used in this manner EVER

Former Student Denied Special Probation

By DAVID OWENS The Hartford Courant September 20 2006, 3:27 PM EDTVERNON -- A former University of Connecticut student charged in a bizarre incident in which he and two others are accused of ejaculating onto a female student while she slept, on Wednesday was denied a special form of probation that would have allowed him to avoid prison.Martin V. Piscottano, 20, of 72 Root Road, Somers, sought the special probation known as accelerated rehabilitation during a hearing Wednesday before Superior Court Judge Patricia Harleston. After more than 40 minutes of argument by Assistant State's Attorney Elizabeth Leaming, who opposed the probation, and Piscottano's lawyer, David Marder, Harleston ruled quickly."This is not an offense for which I can grant accelerated rehabilitation," Harleston said. "It's far too serious."For the first time, the University of Connecticut student who was ejaculated on while she slept in her dorm has made a public statement. It was read in court Wednesday during a hearing on whether one of the men, Martin Piscottano of Somers, should receive accelerated rehabilitation.In objecting to the special form of probation, the woman said, "I believe he needs to experience appropriate consequences in order to recognize the brutality of his actions and possibly prevent a similar incident in the future.…"........

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