Saturday, August 12, 2006

this sounds like west hartford (but it's not)

how stupid is this? how silly, how sad for joey

No worming out of this: Town shuts down teen's nightcrawler sales
By Stephanie Reitz, Associated Press Writers August 11, 2006
CROMWELL, Conn. --For the last three summers, 13-year-old Joey Cadieux has headed outside with his flashlight on rainy nights to collect nightcrawlers from his yard.
Purchased by fishermen and passing drivers, the wriggling worms brought him about $7 to $10 in a good month, just enough for bike trips to his favorite neighborhood pizza joint.
But when a town official recently objected to his stenciled black-and-white "nite crawlers" yard sign, Joey's business got the hook.
The move has set off a flurry of protests from residents of this suburban central Connecticut town, who have been calling and e-mailing officials to stick up for the budding entrepreneur.
Joey, who starts high school in a few weeks, is a quiet teen who is uncomfortable about the controversy, is running short on pizza money and just wants to sell his worms again.
"We end up using a lot of the worms for ourselves. It's honestly not a real thriving business," said his stepfather, August Reil, who received the town's cease-and-desist letter in late July. "I actually laughed when I opened it. I couldn't believe they were serious."
But they definitely are.
If Joey and his stepfather erect the sign again and revive the informal worm-selling enterprise, they could face penalties for violating town zoning rules..........

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