Monday, August 07, 2006

da liebs said it WOULD be a disaster to iraq and us if we pull out now????????????

WOULD BE? wtf does he think it is NOW? over 2,500 of OUR men and women dead and countless thousands maimed and i'm NOT even counting the ones who are mentally maimed. damn. WOULD BE? there IS NO WOULD BE. the entire middle east is in the midst of a death spree. brutallity everywhere. the smell of death everywhere. i cannot even imagine.

and what precipated this? US WE DID IT. WE DID IT AND NOW there is NO WAY OUT. yes, the region was unstable and yes it would have remained unstable if we didn't go in there but we still had NO BUSINESS GOING THERE. NONE. when will the american people wake up and get rid of all of the evil ones in charge? i don't even think the democrats have stones any more. only so very few of them speak up.

tomorrow is the connecticut primary. i will (as always for EVERY election) be there when the polls open at 6:00 am. i will cast my vote for
ned lamont. we must bring our men and women home. we've ruined enough lives. both theirs AND ours.

it's too late liebs. too little too late.

Lieberman Explains Iraq Stance in Bid to Win Back Voters

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman made a last-ditch attempt this evening to explain his support for the war in Iraq and win back doubting voters in Connecticut before the state primary election on Tuesday.
Using his strongest language of the campaign in a speech that might well determine his political fate, Mr. Lieberman said that he still believed his vote to authorize the war in 2002 was correct, yet he now felt a “heavy responsibility” to end the war quickly. (
Text of Speech)
He said he wanted to withdraw American troops “as fast as anyone,” yet insisted that quitting Iraq now would be a “disaster” that could lead to further sectarian violence there.
“I want to get our troops home as fast as anyone, probably more than most, and as I have repeatedly said, I am against an open-ended commitment,” Mr. Lieberman said, according to a copy of remarks prepared for delivery. “But if we simply give up and pull out now, like my opponent wants to do, then it would be a disaster to Iraq and to us. We would run a high risk of allowing Iraq to become like Afghanistan when the
Taliban were in charge, and Al Qaeda had safe haven from which to strike us.”..........

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