Thursday, August 10, 2006

and now a word from now on ned lamont

(peace IS a women's issue. it's everyone's issue, but it starts and ends with women)

NOW Celebrates Ned Lamont's Victory in Connecticut Democratic Primary

Statement of NOW President Kim Gandy

WASHINGTON - August 9 - I am proud to stand here today with Ned Lamont to celebrate this significant victory in Connecticut's Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.
Back in May, when the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee became the first national PAC to endorse Ned Lamont, there was no bandwagon to jump on. In fact, many Beltway politicos thought we had lost our senses, or worse -- endorsing a relative unknown against a well-connected 18-year incumbent.
This challenger, however, spoke truth to power; and NOW PAC never shies away from a principled fight when women's rights are on the line.
In the wake of perhaps the most stunning political upset in decades, we could not be more pleased. Women's rights are being challenged in every arena, our access to emergency contraception is being blocked, and Roe v. Wade is hanging by a thread. That's why we applaud Ned Lamont -- a candidate who stands firmly and uncompromisingly for women's rights and reproductive justice.
Peace is a feminist issue and the Iraq war has been a key issue in this campaign, but it is not the only issue. Because of the actions of the Bush administration, the national economy is in a shambles, our civil rights are being eroded, and the nation's standing in the world community has been seriously compromised.
It is time for the elected members of Congress who have enabled such travesties to retire or be retired. We applaud the voters in Connecticut who sent a strong message with Ned Lamont's primary win. The status quo must be transformed, and the voters recognized in Ned Lamont a forceful advocate for change. ...........

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