Friday, July 28, 2006

ned will be in hartford today at 2:00

i talked to my sister yesterday (she lives with my pops). they have both decided to vote for ned. i'm WICKED HAPPY about that! only a few more days until august 8th.................VOTE

Join Ned for a press conference tomorrow (it's TODAY, this was sent to me yesterday)at at 2 p.m.
Michael Schiavo, whose wife Terry's death shocked and galvanized the nation, will travel to Hartford tomorrow to endorse Ned for the US Senate.
The press conference will be on the steps of the Connecticut Supreme Court Building at 231 Capitol Avenue in Hartford.
"Politicians in Washington DC and Florida abused their public trust by forcing the government in the middle of my family tragedy," says Schiavo, who has formed a political action committee.
Schiavo and Lamont will both attend the press conference.

ned lamont

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