Saturday, July 29, 2006

ned lamont

i didn't get a chance to see ned lamont speak at 2:00 in hartford yesterday. BUT when i returned home yesterday at about 6 or 7, he was on the steps of my neighbor's house across the street, speaking!!! i believe he was then going to head to the irish festival in glastonbury.

i came across this article in the nation on ned and da liebs. great article with a bit of background on ned's family.

i am so very happy ned is running. it's so important to me to have someone speak out on this horrible war. of course ned is MORE, MUCH MORE than a one note singer. every day more and more people realize this. yes, ned doesn't have much political experience but that isn't important to me. what is important to me is getting ned elected. the experience will come after.

A Fight for the Party's Soul

Never mind the internecine Democratic politics of Connecticut and the role that ethnic, labor and local sentiments will play in deciding the primary contest between centrist Senator Joe Lieberman and liberal challenger Ned Lamont. Never mind that the contest has made Connecticut the front line in an increasingly bitter brawl involving and the liberal blogosphere on one side and the Democratic Leadership Council and a substantial contingent of the party's Washington elite on the other. Never mind that both sides spend inordinate amounts of time debating whether George W. Bush thanked Lieberman for the senator's unwavering support of the Iraq War with a slobbering kiss or merely a peck on the cheek when the two embraced at a State of the Union address.
When the votes are counted on August 8, the whole of the Connecticut primary, and much of the national debate over the direction of the Democratic Party, will be boiled down to a one-line pronouncement. It will either be "Antiwar challenger trounces Lieberman" or "Lieberman prevails over war foes." The reduction of this complex contest to a headline may not be entirely fair, or entirely accurate. Yet it will be understandable, because to the surprise of just about everyone, the man Democrats nominated for Vice President in 2000 is in a fight for his political life with a previously unknown candidate who decided a few months ago to surf the wave of anger stirred by Lieberman's emergence as the loudest Democratic defender of the occupation of Iraq. ................

............When Lamont offers his critique of "George Bush and Joe Lieberman's" foreign policies to the business owners who have gathered at the Indian restaurant in Stamford, several of whom make favorable references to "the House of Morgan," every head in the room nods. And when he quotes former Connecticut Senator Abe Ribicoff's Vietnam-era suggestion that America is strongest not when it brandishes arms but when it earns the respect of the world, the nodding heads are smiling............

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