Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i'm personally FOR banning foie gras

and for that matter veal. most people aren't going to be eating foie gras, but most people will eat veal. i'm not sure they know WHAT veal is or how a veal calf is raised. i don't think people know where gelatin comes from or what rennet is (it's in cheese) either.

Cruelty Claims May Foil Foie Gras
July 25, 2006 By WILLIAM WEIR, Courant Staff Writer

In the kitchen of Grants in West Hartford Center, chef Eric Sass holds up a couple of pounds of foie gras. Before it gets fancied up for customers, this delicacy isn't much more than a plastic-wrapped shapeless lump. It's so underwhelming that it's surprising that it would be the center of the latest food controversy. In fact, this shapeless lump would be banned from restaurants and stores in Connecticut under a bill to be offered in the General Assembly next year.
The way to bring attention to this is to ban the sale," says Rep. Diana Urban, R-North Stonington, who plans to introduce legislation in January. "I know that that's going out on a limb, but what I want to do is generate discussion - and I'm sure we will."By January, it may seem less of a long shot. Chicago's city council has already passed a ban on selling foie gras (pronounced "fwah grah"), and California will restrict its production starting in 2012. Regulations are also being considered in Philadelphia, New York, Massachusetts and Illinois...........

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