Friday, March 31, 2006

roryshock: Billy Ray: A Chimp Accused -- Part 2

rory has part ii of billy ray's story up (he also re-posted part i). i highly recommend it

roryshock: Billy Ray: A Chimp Accused -- Part 2


Rory Shock said...

aw, man, rose , thanks for the link

a rose is a rose said...

ben, (i mean rory)

you're welcome

i can't even tell you how i already feel about billy ray.

there ARE animals that have to be put down. i'm not questioning that. i DO have issues with how we treat memebers of the animal community. they aren't here for our enjoyment (only).

i have had dogs my whole life (not right now though) and i always do want to share my life with one. however, it is my belief that dog (or cat or snake or chimp or whatever) has just as much right to be here as i do. they should not be in cages and tortured and frightened. i know it's a touchy subject but that is how i feel and i'm not going to apologize for it