Thursday, March 30, 2006

props to serra borawski

i'm going to do this too EVENTUALLY. i'm just not quite ready to cut it yet. it's harder than you think it is, to cut one's hair when it's VERY long. i think serra is one special person!

Teen's haircut helping others
By: Bill Doak
An East Hartford teen has a much shorter hairstyle - 30 inches shorter, in fact - thanks to her penchant for helping others. After hairstylist Andrea Grondin at Shampoo One made the big cut March 2, Serra Borawski, 14, mailed her hair to Locks of Love, an orgaization that provides wigs to poor kids."I was getting tired of my hair. It was extremely long," said Borawski. "I never wanted to cut it before."Looking on was Serra's mom, Lisa Whatmore, and her best friend, Rebecca Puretz, 14. Her brother, who thought it was "cool" recorded the haircut on a videotape.Borawski, a student at East Hartford High School also studies creative writing, poetry and fiction writing at the Academy of the Arts in Hartford. It's a long day for the high school freshman who gets out of school at 4:15 p.m. most days. ...............


CTB said...

I think thats cool when people do that.

Ailyn said...

i love that! my brother did that too when he was younger. wish i still had long hair

a rose is a rose said...

wow ailyn, that must have been SOME long hair on him!

lily, of course i think it's wicked cool too! i love it when i see someone younger doing something for someone else. makes my heart sing