Monday, January 02, 2006

lily is still at a connecticut humane society shelter

even though it's a no-kill shelter, lily needs a REAL home. i can't wait until they build their animal sanctuary. i've seen television commercials for it. what a wonderful idea!

Humane Society saves lives
By SARA CAPOZZI , The Herald Press
NEWINGTON -- Lily is not your typical pit bull. Weighing in at just 40 pounds, the caramel colored female has neither the unwieldy size or aggressive temperament often characteristic to the breed.
"She’s like a poodle in a pit bull body," Lily’s trainer Joanne Draper said. "She has such a refined demeanor and a lady-like temperament ..she’s a pleasure to be around."But despite her gentle, affectionate nature, Lily has yet to be adopted from the Connecticut Humane Society’s Fox Memorial Clinic."It’s unbelievable she’s still here, it’s shocking to me," Draper said. "She’s been a real heart breaker for us because she’s such a wonderful dog."Lily, now a year and a half old, was brought to the Humane Society’s Bethany office by her former owner six months ago along with another pit bull, Oz.Lily was pregnant at the time and since then all of her puppies and their father Oz have been adopted.Despite the fact that the others were adopted fairly quickly, Draper said she believes the reason Lily still hasn’t been adopted is her breed."It’s because she’s a pit bull," Draper said. "If she were a Labrador retriever, she would have been gone in two weeks."Typically, pit bulls stay in the kennel for months longer than other dogs, Draper said.The Connecticut Humane Society operates no kill shelters, where there is no time line for how long an animal can stay at the facility.Still, employees at Fox Memorial Clinic said being in a kennel this long has made Lily depressed.Luckily there may soon be another option for animals like Lily, who are wonderful animals, but for whatever reason do not get adopted.Within the next year, the Connecticut Humane Society plans to build an animal sanctuary near its Waterford kennel.The animal sanctuary will provide animals with medical care and compassion in a home-like setting. Animals will live in small groups in cozy cottages located on 68 acres of land, giving them plenty of space to run and play.................

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