Wednesday, January 04, 2006

from todays nyt, (are you sitting down?), an article on downtown HARTFORD

i used to hang in hartford back in the day. the old (ORIGINAL) mad murphys. the bee ins in bushnell park, the fiddle contest each summer
(yes, the picture is blurry but i rather liked it)

Downtown Hartford Stirs From Slumber

Published: January 4, 2006
HARTFORD, Jan. 3 - Decades and different tastes separate Lyndsay Stephenson and Bernie Rosen, but they share what might seem an unlikely address - and an unlikely attitude. Both are thrilled to have just moved from the suburbs into a new apartment building in downtown Hartford.
"I love it," said Ms. Stephenson, 24, standing inside the small, glossy lobby of the building, Trumbull on the Park, which overlooks historic Bushnell Park. It opened to residents in early December.
Said Mr. Rosen, 76, his jacket zipped to the chin on his way out the door on a brisk morning, "As I got older I decided I'd like to be somewhere that I could walk to the theater, walk to museums."
Ms. Stephenson, a real estate analyst, prefers partying at the Pour House after leaving her office. Mr. Rosen, a retired school administrator and teacher, would rather wander the galleries of the Wadsworth Atheneum on winter afternoons and attend plays at the Hartford Stage in the evening. But by simply signing a lease, they have become trailblazers of a sort in a city center once so lifeless it had been called America's File Cabinet - a place where, after 5 p.m., outbound bus stops can still account for most of the street life...............

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