Thursday, December 22, 2005

your efforts ARE appreciated mr dodd!!!

i do thank you for getting back to washington and voting (under the circumstances).

Recuperating Dodd Rushes Back For Key Senate Votes
Associated Press December 21 2005, 1:26 PM ESTWASHINGTON --
Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd was easy to spot as he arrived at the Capitol Wednesday morning for showdown votes.The usually animated Democrat was alternately using a walker and wheelchair as he gingerly made his way inside."I can't wait to get a picture of this," bellowed Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., as he noticed his longtime friend.Dodd, who was home in Connecticut nearly all month recuperating from knee replacement surgery, had rushed back to Washington hoping his last-minute vote could help Democrats defeat a budget-cutting bill and strip language allowing Arctic oil drilling from a major defense spending package.As it turned out, Vice President Dick Cheney, who had hurried back from an overseas trip Tuesday, cast the tie-breaking vote on the budget bill to help Republicans prevail, 51-50, during a morning session. Dodd joined other Democrats to block the defense bill.Dodd, 61, had the operation Dec. 3 at a New York City hospital and has spent most of the month at home rehabilitating his knee.The senator, who also has a home on Capitol Hill, has missed every vote since having the surgery.Dodd said he had no idea the Senate would still be in session this Christmas week when he decided on knee replacement surgery nearly three weeks ago...........

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