Thursday, December 22, 2005

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Of Human Bondage
Why did the police confiscate the computers of an Enfield Dom? (i'm sure the advocate MEANT to say domme NOT dom)
by Adam Bulger, Nathan Conz and Meir Rinde - December 22, 2005

There's still no word on exactly why police in Enfield raided the home of bondage mistress Michelle Silva last month and seized computers she used to operate her website,
In an account posted on her site, Silva said dozens of officers entered her home on Nov. 16, refused to show her a warrant, disparaged her lifestyle and wouldn't let her call a lawyer while they spent hours rifling through her belongings. They took away $20,000 worth of computers, BDSM furniture and other equipment, she said, but have not charged her with any crime.
Silva's attorney, Daniel Silver, said the seizure appears to violate her First Amendment rights to distribute bondage movies that she makes. He's trying to get a court date scheduled so he can argue the equipment should be released, since it does not include drugs or other true contraband. The computers are being examined at a state forensics lab and it could be months until she gets them back, Silver said.
The search warrant remains sealed and Silver said he doesn't know what charges his client could face. Enfield police told the Journal-Inquirer the investigation followed complaints from neighbors who reported seeing car traffic at Silva's home, including vehicles from out of state.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who lives in Enfield,CT
came home from vacation to find out his home had been robbed of his tools and $40,000 cash.
Enfield Police were supposed to be watching his house.
It turned out one of the Enfield Police officers, Frank Vincenzo was the perpetator who robbed the safe of it's
contents. Vincenzo was arrested and given probation.
It seems now if you want to become a victim of a crime, just move to Connecticut and
the Enfield Police will do the rest.

a rose is a rose said...

you know there are BAD cops but most are good. cops are people too. there are saints and sinners everywhere.

while looking up mr vincenzo, i did come across this


once again, i DO believe most cops are NOT corrupt

Anonymous said...

Officer Vincenzo pleaded "Not Guilty" and was released pending an investigation. Get your facts straight. He was awarded all compensatory time and his retirement. The case was dropped. He refused to return to community service where the Enfield PD IS corrupt.