Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i used to write a little column (YEARS AGO) in our work newspaper

i was going through some of my word documents just now and i found this one. it applies NOW as it did then:

Today I have a change of pace from my normal jovial and witty, yet poignant columns.

It’s getting to be that time of the year. We’re pulling out our winter wardrobes and turning up our thermostats. We all have the gift of free will, but I’ll not hesitate to take this opportunity to put a little thought in your heads.
No matter how badly you feel or think your problems are, there are others whose tribulations far outweigh yours. Right in our own state some cannot afford to pay their heating bills, to buy their families or themselves proper winter coats, to purchase food fit for human consumption, to get proper medical care and more (or is that less?).
There are several things you can do, some of which cost no money whatsoever, but are
priceless in the long run. You can offer your time and services by volunteering for a
local organization. You can help serve meals to the house-bound, elderly or homeless.
You can help build a house (no skills necessary) with Habitat for Humanity or
you can teach someone how to read (working with Literacy Volunteers). You can tack as
little as $1.00 a month extra onto your utility bill which will be used to help heat homes
for those in need. You can donate your old coat or clothes so someone can be warm or
look better when they’re applying for a job (come on now, we all have things in our
closets that are in wonderful condition, but we just haven’t worn them in a long time).
You can pay a visit to the residents of a local nursing home or donate toys to a children’s
hospital. You can drop your old and no longer stylish eyeglasses off at Lenscrafters (they
have a wonderful program for distribution of old glasses). You can be a foster family for
a Fidelco Guide Dog for a few months. The list truly could be endless.
The Hartford Courant regularly publishes a listing of volunteer organizations.
(By the way, Gifts of Love an organization helping residents of the Farmington Valley is in Avon Park North).
Always be thankful for what you have

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