Sunday, July 04, 2010

domestic violence and connecticut funding

no, no, no, it's GOOD news (well nothing about domestic violence is good, but you get what i'm trying to say here) from the curvature">Connecticut Increases Funding for Domestic Violence Prevention and Response

by Cara

I love having good news instead of bad news to pass along, and it’s not incredibly often that I get it. Connecticut has recently passed a large package of anti-domestic violence laws. One of the portions of the package going into effect today is an increase in funding for domestic violence shelters — specifically, almost $3 million in funding from the state and federal government combined for domestic violence shelters that will allow them to stay open 24/7, rather than being closed at night.
Reportedly, Connecticut is among only five states — the others being Wyoming, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Maine — that do not currently provide 24/7 coverage through domestic violence shelters. Without that coverage, intimate partner violence victims, usually women and children, are left without a safety net during certain hours. The fact is, when a victim decides that it’s time to leave, that’s when it’s time to leave. If she makes an immediate decision at night to leave right that moment, she can’t be expected to go back home when she gets to the shelter and finds it closed..................

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