Saturday, June 12, 2010

more on the amazing story of jonathan metz

at the courant link below, there's even a copy of the 911 call mr metz' friend luca digregorio made to the west hartford police. dang.

my ABSOLUTE best wishes to you.

West Hartford Man Who Tried To Cut Off His Own Arm Is Doing Well After Surgery, Doctors Say
His Arm Was Stuck In His Furnace For Three Days

The doctors who spent more than two hours operating Friday on Jonathan Metz used words such as "amazing," "inner strength" and "courage" in describing their patient.

Metz, who cut off most of his arm after it became wedged in his furnace, is an "amazing individual," said Dr. William Marshall of St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford. "He's got an incredible personality as well as a will to live."

The 31-year-old West Hartford resident is doing well after the surgeons closed the wound at the amputation site, Marshall and Dr. Scott Ellner said in a telephone interview. From about 7:15 to 9:30 a.m., the doctors closed the wound with muscle and other tissue, they said...............

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