Wednesday, June 09, 2010

a giant giant giant WTF???????

blackwater in salem CONNECTICUT? yeah, just what we need. more guns. oh yeah and that prince gatsu piedi of a man, erik prince is selling blackwater xe (a pile o' shite by any other name..............). c'mon salem, do you really want ANYTHING to do with blackwater (and what they've done and what they will do????)

Coming soon: Blackwater Pro Shops with indoor firing ranges.

By Tanya Somanader
Since its contractors infamously shot and killed 17 Iraqi civilians, Blackwater has rebranded itself, trying to insist that it’s a reformed company. It even changed its name to “Xe” last year. But at this year’s NRA convention, ThinkProgress discovered that the corporation was still marketing the Blackwater brand on merchandise like baseball hats, shot glasses, beach towels, and guns, which could be bought online. Now, the site Soldier Systems reports that Blackwater enthusiasts will be able to buy their goods in persons, at two new stores opening in Fayetteville, NC and Salem, CT:..........

Blackwater: The Retail Store

Blackwater, the private military firm that perhaps ranks among the world's most scandal-ridden companies, has decided to go into the retail business. After such scandals as bribing Iraqi officials, stealing U.S. weapons, and killing innocent civilians, the company has taken the opportunity to expand from its core business of killing people into the new field of selling people things. The Blackwater Pro Shops, which will sell the same quality good available at its online store, are planned for Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Salem, Connecticut. It goes without saying that both stores will contain a firing range........

pic: from the first (thinkprogress) link

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