Saturday, March 27, 2010


for the self-absorbed, suv driving, designer dog owning, giant big fat stupid-head west hartford see and be seen SCENSTER-HIPSTER asswipes! for true

i'm still proud to say i have NEVER EVER been to black and blue square (the time i brought my father to the doctor did NOT count since he needed me to be there with him. i had no choice) and i NEVER EVER WILL

Blue Back Square's Experimental Au Bon Pain Closes; Conveyor-Belt Sushi Place To Open
The Hartford Courant

WEST HARTFORD — - A prototype store of Au Bon Pain that tried a more Panera-like layout failed at Blue Back Square and closed a week ago. Barbara Lerner, project marketing manager, said it was the only one of its kind in the country. "It was not as successful as they would've hoped. We knew they were struggling a little."

But the West Hartford housing and retail center has already found a local restaurant to take half the space. Umi Sushi, which could open by the end of July, will send sushi around and around on a conveyor belt, and diners will pluck what they want as it goes by. They can also put in special orders if they don't see the rolls they have a hankering for............

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