Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i almost fogot what today is!

from naral

It’s March which can only mean one thing…It’s time to back it up! Today is the 9th annual Back Up Your Birth Control Day of Action. Back Up Your Birth Control is a national campaign to expand access to emergency contraception (EC) by increasing education and raising awareness.

Wednesday would be a great day to remind your readers how to they can prevent pregnancy after sex and highlight all the victories we've seen in EC access in the last year: Over-the-counter access for 17-year-olds; FDA approval of the one-pill form of Plan B and the generic version; and the Pentagon's decision to finally allow EC on military bases worldwide.

You can also urge your readers to sign a petition to the FDA and the White House asking them to end unnecessary age restrictions on EC. Last year, a federal court ruled that the FDA should make EC available to 17-year-olds over-the-counter, and urged the FDA to re-review the evidence for over-the-counter access for all women at risk of unintended pregnancy. A whole year has gone by and it's high time the FDA heeds the court's advice and grants young women timely access to EC!

For more information about EC and the campaign, check out the website. Thanks for your help in making sure all women know how to back up their birth control!


The Back Up Your Birth Control Team

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