Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the first stupid connecticut criminals of 2010

do i feel badly about publishing their names? well a bit BUT they were in the paper (linked below) AND they really did a stupid stupid stupid thing. don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Men Arrested After Asking Cops For Directions

BRANFORD — - Two men accused of ripping off car parts from dealerships along Route 1 were arrested early today after they stopped to ask a police officer for directions.

Ryan Densmore, 23, of Wallingford, and Travis Mckeaveney, 24, of Middletown, pulled up alongside officer Dominic Eula about 4 a.m. to ask for directions to Interstate 91. As they drove off, Eula noticed that their rear plate was covered by a paper towel and stopped them.

He found eight catalytic converters in the back of the car, along with metal cutting saws, saw blades and headband flashlights. The paper towel had been used to mask the plate from the dealerships' security cameras, police said.

"Somehow, they thought they'd be less conspicuous if they approached the officer for directions," Lt. Geoffrey Morgan said...............

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