Tuesday, November 03, 2009

this is sort of a big deal.

if you live or work or hang in the enfield area, be aware there were FOUR CASES OF RABIES found there recently. that's a LOT of rabies and remember, that's only what they've found.

in additon to HUMANS BEING CAREFUL, have your pets vaccinated against rabies. not as a favor to me, BUT BECAUSE IT'S THE LAW

Enfield Police Warn Residents of Rabid Animals

Four Wild Animals Test Positive For Rabies


Raccoons may look cute, but don't get too close. A young girl in Enfield learned the hard way. She bent over to take a picture of the furry fellow, and was scratched. It turns out the raccoon tested positive for rabies.
That wasn't the only case of rabies. In fact, four animals in Enfield have come back from the lab as rabid since September.
"Rabies can be a deadly disease," said Ashley McMann, an Enfield animal control officer. "Definitely people should be cautious."
McMann says people should stay away from not only wild animals, but any animal they are not familiar with. She said just because an animal looks nice, does not mean it's not dangerous. Also, animal control is saying that pet owners need to be aware as well.............

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