Thursday, November 05, 2009

in a few days

we're all going to have to use ALL TEN DIGITS to dial connecticut phone numbers. yes, even if it's to your next door neighbor

Nine Days To 10-Digit Dialing
The Hartford Courant

Your fingers are about to work a little harder.

Starting Nov. 14, all telephone calls made in Connecticut will need an area code -- even to your next-door neighbor, even to your spouse upstairs. Cellphone calls are no exception. Calls outside the local calling area will still need a 1 before the area code, while local calls will require 10-digit dialing, without the 1.

The move is part of the state's evolution to two new area codes. Starting Dec. 12, new numbers given out in the 203 area code could carry an area code of 475. Sometime in 2010, new numbers in the 860 area could be assigned with a 959 area code...........

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