Tuesday, September 08, 2009

a big shout out to jennifer martin

her friends and family. i know it was very hard for them (the friends and family that is) to let you go. i also know from talking to your brother (yes, i've forgiven him. everyone knows you CANNOT STAY MAD at juan marteen) you HAD to go. please be well always. this is one hell of a selfless act

Off to Kabul
Hartford nurse Jennifer Martin is taking on the challenge of her life in Afghanistan

On Sunday, Connecticut nurse Jennifer Martin flew out of Boston for the first leg of her two-day journey to Kabul, Afghanistan. Following stopovers in London and Dubai, where she secured a multi-entry visa, Martin, 34, arrived at the CURE International hospital in the capital of this war-weary nation, and took over as director of nursing in the 100-bed facility first salvaged by Coalition Forces in 2005, according to CURE. She'll supervise a staff of 90 nurses in CURE'S largest facility.

Quick to laugh, her face framed by curly red hair, Martin explained in a West Hartford coffee shop last week that she had spent three weeks in Kabul last summer volunteering for CURE, a nonprofit launched in 1996 to bring health care to women and children in some of the world's most impoverished countries. And now she was going back.....

pic: from the advocate

Jennifer Martin moved to Kabul to help run a nursing facility in war-torn Afghanistan.

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