Thursday, September 10, 2009

another must read from andy thibault at

the cool justice report

it's scary and sad and embarrassing. even though my skin isn't brown, i'm STILL afraid if things like this CONTINUE TO HAPPEN IN MY COUNTRY

Blockhead Judge To Profiling Victim: `I'm Not Listening ...'

Culminating Indignity
For Indian-American Falsely Incarcerated

"She Had No Interest
In The False Arrest."

-- Poet & Professor Ravi Shankar,
Central Connecticut State University

Official Proceedings
Criminal Court Of The State Of New York
Docket No.: 2009NY05478
Presiding, Judge Ruth Pickholz

The Cool Justice Report
Sept. 9, 2009

EDITOR'S NOTE: This column is available for reprint courtesy of The Cool Justice Report,

Poet Ravi Shankar was profiled, wrongly arrested and locked up for 36 hours in New York City. Even after cops called Shankar a "sand nigger" and hummed "Here Comes The Bride" as he walked in a manacled procession at 100 Centre St., the Central Connecticut State University professor had yet to endure his greatest indignity.
During his incarceration on a weekend in July, Shankar slept upright on a bench in perhaps several 20-and 30-minute interludes. There were fights among the many bodies on the floor in the holding tank. Shankar notice that virtually all of those held were minorities, some of them accused of petty crimes such as loitering, walking through a park at the wrong time [trespassing] or operating without a peddler's license.

Everyone shared the stench of the open-air toilet. Then, it got worse.

Shankar met Judge Ruth Pickholz.

Shankar's public defender, Victor Castelli, had reached an understanding with the prosecutor, Matthew Montana. There was a big mistake. Charges would be dropped.

"The warrant is not him, judge," Castelli said. "It says it's a 5' 10" white male [weighing 140 pounds] on the description that the police showed him …"...........

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