Saturday, April 11, 2009

since i avoid going to the center at ALL costs

i sure have no need to get one of these cards. i think it's a good idea, i just think west hartford parking is a giant rip off/robbery. (if you've ever been to northampton, now THEY have a parking system which is MORE than reasonable. there are machines here and there. you put some change in the machine and you get a parking receipt which you put on your windshield. it's ridiculously inexpensive as well. a quarter will get you a couple of hours at the LEAST). west hartford? $.25 for FIFTEEN EFFING MINUTES. yeah, that is welcoming to visitors!

so west hartford has these new cards you can buy. like i said good idea. BUT (you knew there was going to be a but) YOU HAVE TO INITIALLY LOAD IT WITH $60.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

60 BUCKS IN PARKING MONEY? that's a lot o' dough

West Hartford's Parking Meters Accept Special Debit Card

WEST HARTFORD — - A new service will end the need to pump coins into town parking meters.

The West Hartford Parking Authority is offering a special debit card usable at any on-street parking meter and at participating businesses. The card, called Parcxmart, costs $1, and can be loaded with up to $500 from a user's credit or debit accounts or with cash.

It is available at the authority office, 17 Isham Road, online at the Parcxmart website or at participating businesses.

"We've sold about 20 at our office since we first offered it April 1, and dozens have been sold online," John Phillips, the town's parking operations manager, said Monday. "We hope to sell many more, especially as more businesses participate."

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