Sunday, April 05, 2009

a great courant editorial

of course i think ALL guns should be absolutely banned (except for law enforcement and the military) but i'm in the minority. i also read some of the comments on the article. some of them are just nasty lunatic fringe ugly evil spewing sickness comments.

we don't have militias (well, we do but most of THEM are lunatic fringe end of the world white supremacist types) and we do NOT need to bear arms

Machine Gun Ban For Youths Misses Big Picture
If legislators have their way, it will soon be illegal for anyone in Connecticut to hand a machine gun to a child younger than 16. That this even has to be spelled out in the statutes is testament to the pervasive power of our gun culture.

The proposal came out of a tragedy, as many laws do. Christopher K. Bizilj, 8, of Ashford, died last fall after losing control of a 9 mm Micro Uzi at a gun expo in Massachusetts. The boy shot himself in the head during "target practice" on a pumpkin while adults, who should have known better, looked on. What were they thinking when they put a lethal weapon that fires up to 1,700 rounds per minute in the hands of a 43-pound third-grader? This is wrong on so many levels that it boggles the mind.

No one outside the military, and possibly law enforcement, should be permitted to use a machine gun, least of all children. Sen. John Kissel felt compelled to defend his committee vote in favor of the age limit, saying it is "one of the few-and-far-between gun bills that I feel has an awful lot of merit."

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