Tuesday, August 12, 2008

matt and i spent the day in northampton yesterday

we had fun and walked A LOT. we ate at a little tiny mexican joint (you could tell it was authentic. and it was VERY good). i can't for the life of me remember the name. i wish i could. i'd highly recommend it. you walked up to the counter to order then you sat down and waited for them to yell for you to pick it up. i even drank a presidente (from the dominican republic). then we went to a yarn store right in town (i never made it to webs). i picked up cherry tree hill oceania in spanish moss. 1440 yards of delight! (yarn picture is from the cherry tree hill website. all other pictures are mine). then we went to the record store downstairs. i picked up zap mama, sly and the family stone, cyndi lauper and cry cry cry by dar williams, lucy kaplansky and richard shindell.

we stopped at modern myths, a comic book and game store. surprisingly, i found a couple of things i wanted AND I'M NOT A COMIC BOOK READER. it was a nice store and matt was wicked happy.
we hit a couple of book stores as well. then we

we had a drink or two at tully o'reilly's and ended up at packards for dinner. it was pub food and it was fine. i liked the bar. it was comfy and the service was very good.

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