Saturday, August 16, 2008

f**ked up. the annual giant asswipe award goes to


wicked effed up
if i lived in torrington and if these people are elected to the board, i'd kick EACH AND EVERY F**KING ONE OFF OF THE BOARD IMMEDIATELY
Torrington sex offender gets community award

Torrington (AP) -- Members of a Torrington baseball umpires' organization are defending the lifetime achievement award they have presented to a convicted child sex offender.

Fifty-eighty-year-old Tom Barbero received the award earlier this month from the Torrington Board of Approved Baseball Umpires. He umpired for the association at area baseball games from 1970 to 1998.

Board members say they knew about Barbero's criminal record and chose to honor him because his service and work as an umpire deserved recognition......

Residents Outraged After Sex Offender Awarded

An umpire, who is a convicted sex offender, was rewarded for his longtime contributions to the Torrington Little League, and some parents are outraged.Members of a Torrington Umpires Group are defending Tom Barbero, who was given the award. Some parents said the recognition was a "bad call."“I couldn’t imagine having my son around that kind of a person at all and then to give him an award… it’s just disgusting,” one resident said............
............Although calls to several board members were not returned, the board president is on record saying Barbero paid for what happened and still deserved the award for his service and work as an umpire, NBC 30 News reported..............

note: neither article lists the names of the board members. if they did, i would write each and every member a letter. i would also put them in touch the the sexual assault crisis unit. i'd want them to hear just ONE of the horror stories

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