Thursday, May 22, 2008

i've said it before and i'll say it again

don't mess with andy thibault!

the 'douchebag(s)' (i can say that because i don't go to school in douchebag land, i'm older than a teenager AND i'm not running for any school office in douchebag land) appear to be getting their hands slapped (at least their representation is)

from the cool justice report

Commission Orders Douche Bag Lawyer To Produce Billing Records

Chinni, Schwartz Broke FOI Law By Censoring & Withholding Public Documents School Bosses Escape Fines For Hiding Write-In Ballots In Stolen Election U.S. Second Circuit Ruling Way Overdue As School Term Concludes
By ANDY THIBAULT The Cool Justice Report
May 22, 2008 EDITOR'S NOTE: This story is available for reprint courtesy of The Cool Justice Report,

Will there be justice for free speech freedom fighter Avery Doninger and all the students who elected her Secretary of the Class of 2008 at Lewis Mills High School in Burlington, CT? How about the taxpayers footing the bill for an incompetent school board lawyer who runs up more and more fees every time she makes a mistake?Perhaps there will be a little justice. Certainly the truth will be told. And, in the course of learning about a welfare system for board of education lawyers in Connecticut, citizens might be moved to do something.The Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission issued a finding this week ordering attorney Christine Chinni to produce uncensored billing records for her "work" of behalf of now-retired School Superintendent Paula Schwartz and Lewis Mills Principal Karissa Niehoff. Those records were requested Aug. 1, 2007 and should have been produced then...........

(you go andy!!!)

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