Monday, March 24, 2008

i didn't know about this

and even if i did, i don't know that i could live on $3.00 to $4.00 of food a day. i spend that much on coffee. i'm not being flippant. one just doesn't realize people DO have to live on $4.00 worth of food a day. i will remember that

I'm One Of The Lucky – My Hunger Ends Tuesday
Susan Campbell
Hartford's monthlong Food Stamp Project ends Tuesday, and that can't come too soon for me.For a few days or all month, project participants agree to live on $3 to $4 of food a day, roughly what a food-stamp recipient can expect these days. This is the second year for the Charter Oak Cultural Center exercise. Rabbi Donna Berman, executive director, dreamed it up as a way to make hunger more real to citizens of one of the country's richest states. Yes, people go hungry here. All around the state, clergy urged their congregations to participate, a couple of high school classes signed on, as did the entire staff at End Hunger CT — all without registering formally. "I think," said Berman, "this is bigger than we know." Last year, word spread, and all over the country, people participated, including the governor of Oregon and several members of Congress.This year, the center partnered with regional anti-hunger organizations such as Foodshare Inc., End Hunger CT as well as their recipient charity, Hands On Hartford, the former Center City Churches...........

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