Saturday, February 16, 2008

a shout out to hannah kluger and

the rest of the brave AND moral AND smart other glastonbury high students who protested the IMMORAL, ILLEGAL AND UNJUST war in iraq (including mary-kate james, emily jessen). no other names were available in the article. i'm proud of you!

Students Protest The War In Iraq
By NOMAAN MERCHANT Courant Staff Writer
GLASTONBURY - — With the war in Iraq about to enter its sixth year, a group of students from Glastonbury High School made their voices heard Friday.About 25 of them braved cold, windy weather to attend a rally at the intersection of Main and Griswold streets, holding signs listing the war's costs and calling on politicians to recall U.S. troops."I just strongly believe that violence has to end," said senior Hannah Kluger, the rally's organizer. "And the war is costing a huge amount of money." Kluger talked about the rally to students in the school cafeteria and in hallways, in addition to printing fliers and creating a group on the social networking site Facebook. .......

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