Sunday, February 10, 2008

for the most part

i have no issues with the hartford police department. EXCEPT their issuance of PARKING TICKETS. my very first ticket ever (not THIS storm by the way) was for parking on a hartford street during a (practically non-existant) snow storm. by the way, the snow plow(s) NEVER came down the street that day. NEVER, and it is a busy street with an entrance and exit to the highway on it. so i KNOW how these people feel. i was going to take all sorts of pictures of OTHER non-ticketed cars on practically every street in hartford, but i didn't. i just didn't want to go downtown and argue. i'm glad these people DID

By JEFFREY B. COHEN Courant Staff Writer

The city was prepared for a big snowfall. The parking ban was in place, and city police were enforcing it.But when the snowfall on Jan. 14 was less than expected, and a blizzard of parking tickets fell anyway, a lot of motorists took exception.More than 250 irritated people — a record-setting number, according to municipal officials — jammed the small lobby of the city's parking citation office Friday, coming to complain about the $99 tickets they got for parking on the street during a big-storm-turned-smaller-than-expected on Monday, Jan. 14...........

picture: DAVID PUTTERMAN, of Burlington, fills out a form on Friday to appeal the parking ticket he received on Jan. 14, a day when a parking ban was in effect in Hartford because of a snowstorm that proved to be less severe than expected. More than 250 people jammed the small lobby of the city's parking citation office to complain about the $99 ticket they got that day. (MICHAEL MCANDREWS / February 8, 2008)

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