Tuesday, January 29, 2008


you guys did it and i'm PROUD! one of the evil ones, one of king george's court is NOT going to give your commencement address! get up stand up...stand up for your rights

you really have made me proud!

Karl Rove drops prep school speech
Karl Rove Withdraws From Conn. Prep School Commencement Speech After Students Protest

Following protests from students, former presidential adviser Karl Rove has withdrawn as this year's commencement speaker at a prestigious prep school, the school's headmaster said Monday. The choice of Rove as speaker for the June commencement at Choate Rosemary Hall had led some students to plan to walk out of the ceremony. Others had sought to bring comedian Stephen Colbert to campus for an alternate speech.
Instead of commencement, Rove now will speak at the school on Feb. 11, headmaster Edward J. Shanahan said. Shanahan said he will deliver the commencement address at the school, the alma mater of John F. Kennedy and Adlai Stevenson........

and here's the orignial article from the student newspaper (BEFORE karl was dropped as commencement speaker)
Karl Rove to be Class of ’08 Commencement Speaker
By Alexandra Cooper ’09
In an email to the Choate community, on Tuesday, January 15, Headmaster Ed Shanahan announced that Karl Rove will replace Senator John Warner as the commencement speaker on June 8th, 2008. Mr. Rove served as the former Deputy White House Chief of Staff under George W. Bush’s administration, and was a key player in Bush’s election as president. Before Rove worked for the current Bush administration, he spent much of his career as a political advisor for primarily Republican candidates, such as Senator John Ashcroft. Mr. Rove will join a long list of Commencement speakers that have included journalists such as Peter Jennings, politicians from both parties such as Dick Cheney (when he was Secretary of Defense) and Senator Chris Dodd. “We select speakers from all walks of life, with different points of view. That is what we should be doing as an educational institution. We should be putting in front of students and faculty a wide spectrum of ideas,” commented Headmaster Shanahan, “We have commencement speakers from outside of the school community so that someone comes in with a message for graduating students about the world that they are about to engage in. Karl Rove is somebody who has dedicated a significant portion of his life to service, and has been an extremely influential person.”........

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