Sunday, January 27, 2008

a shout out to principal donald j. slater

i went to hall (LONGGGGGGGGGGGG before principal slater's term mind you). i didn't realize the current principal had been stationed in iraq. i for one am glad you're home (even though it's been a couple of years) safe and sound. thank you for serving

Service Gave Official New Perspective
In November 2003, Donald J. Slater, principal of West Hartford's Hall High School, announced he was headed to Iraq for a tour of duty with the Connecticut Army National Guard's 118th Area Support Medical Battalion. Slater, whose Newington-based unit assisted with medical aid and evacuations in Iraq, would spend 17 months away including pre- and post-deployment operations. Since his return to work at Hall in March 2005, Slater said he has gained new perspectives on leadership and education.Almost three years have passed since Slater returned from Iraq after a yearlong deployment. He has held the top job at Hall since 2002, first on an interim basis and then as principal.Slater, 42, prefers not to discuss the details of his work in Iraq. But, he is quick to acknowledge how his tour of duty in the Middle East has affected him as an educator and leader of one of the top high schools in the state........

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