Monday, January 07, 2008


i don't know if you've ever had it or not, but it is one of my all time favorites. i've made it from time to time as well. it's sticky and messy to make. a royal pain in the buttocks. it's ALL worth it though


BRIDGEPORT — You know the Christmas cookies are good when there are no leftovers.
That's the case for Anita Bevaqua McBride, the Bridgeport native and chief of staff for first lady Laura Bush, who recently requested a tray of Italian Christmas cookies from Bridgeport to make her holidays a little more like home.
While she was growing up, McBridge attended Holy Rosary Catholic Church here. Her friend, the Rev. Matthew Mauriello, the pastor of Holy Rosary, brought McBride a three-pound tray of struffoli from DelPrete Bakery here, fulfilling McBride's Christmas wish.
The little fried balls of egg dough dipped in honey and coated with candy sprinkles were a holiday treat at the White House.
"I shared them with the staff. They were a hit and went fast. There weren't any left for the president and Mrs. Bush," McBride said.
Mauriello visited Washington Dec. 19 to see the White House decorations for the recent holidays and brought McBride the struffolis at her request.
"They even went through the metal detector machines, of course," Mauriello said.
He got them at Del Prete, an Italian bakery on Main Street in the Bull's Head section of the city.
"It's a Christmas specialty item," said Lou Mezzo, the bakery's owner.......

(my FAVORITE in the whole wide world you ask. easy. it was my noni's cenci. EVERY country has the same recipe. they just call them different names. my non's were THE best though. THE ABSOLUTE BEST)

picture: (struffoli)

picture: (cenci)

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