Tuesday, January 08, 2008

a nice article in yesterday's courant

on the half door

well, their Bar Beer B-i-n-g-o
Twice-Weekly Games At Hartford Pub Draw Young Players

in particular!
(i'm never there on monday or thursday nights. it's far too late for me. i keep odd hours. while the half door is my home away from home, i've never played their bar bingo.)

By MAGDALENE PEREZ Courant Staff Writer
Bingo. The word calls to mind glitzy casinos and folks with snowy-white hairdos gathered in a church basement.At the Half Door in Hartford, it's a different scene. Every Monday and Thursday nights, patrons in their early 20s and 30s flock to this Irish pub to drink, socialize and mark those bingo cards.It's not all about winning. There's no cover charge, and the biggest prize for stringing five numbers in a row is two free drinks. Instead, it's the carefree atmosphere that keeps the clientele coming back for more. Regulars know the bartenders by first name and laugh at the bingo-caller's bad jokes. Groups of friends huddle over the numbered slips of paper in booths with worn, wooden tabletops. And when somebody yells "Bingo!" the ones who haven't won toss their cards in the air in a flurry of good-hearted catcalls and "boos."........

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