Saturday, November 10, 2007

an interview with justin goodman


herbivore magazine

By Josh Hooten
I saw Justin Goodman speak at the Becoming the Change conference in Durham, N.C. at the beginning of October. Justin is a Research Associate in the Vivisection Department at PETA. His talk about primates in labs and the campaign he waged against his alma mater, the University of Connecticut were riveting and left me with much needed facts about this subject. It also left me with lots of questions, as animal testing is one of the trickier issue we animal rights advocates have to deal with. Knowing how to speak about this very emotional issue (”but what if it cures cancer? what if it saves lives?”) with facts and clarity is vital if we want to change minds on this. I hit Justin up with some of the questions I had, his answers are below...........

connecticut for animals

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