Friday, November 09, 2007

i DO think a public park is an acceptable place for this

mr walton. what's political about writing the NUMBER OF AMERICAN LIVES LOST and the NUMBER OF IRAQI lives lost each month this war has lasted? do you want us all NOT to know how many lives were lost? do you want to gloss it over? whether someone is "for" this war or not "for" this war (how the hell COULD anyone be FOR THIS war? iraq NEVER touched us NOR were they EVER any THREAT to us........but i digress) do you not want to remember those who served? THOSE WHO DIED so the imminent threat of saddam invading new haven would be stopped dead (so to speak) in it's tracks?
An unconventional protest of the Iraq War
by News Channel 8's Annie Rourke
New Haven (WTNH) _ A new Iraq War memorial is about to be unveiled in New Haven and it may stir up more than emotion.
Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice is an activist group made up primarily of clergy from all different religions. The group was created in response to the Iraq War and last September they stood on the New Haven Green and read aloud all the names of the American service people who have died in the war.
But the group has decided to do something more concrete and now their new Iraq War memorial will be erected in the Broadway Park.
"We had come up with an idea of marking it physically by having a cairn of stones, each one representing a month of the war so far," said Stephen Kobasa. .........

..............Approval for the display was granted by the New Haven Board of Parks Commission last month. Kevin Walton, the New Haven Parks commissioner, was the only dissenting vote. He says, it's not appropriate in a public park. ........

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