Saturday, September 01, 2007

an apology

i was minding my own bid-nez as everyone who knows me knows i am want to do. (yeah right). i wanted to get some shots of my sunflower. every year i plant sunflowers at the half door. (i did miss last year but that was a fluke). anyway, after i planted them this year, a person who shall remain nameless (romo) covered the area in mulch. i was livid. only one flower came up. i planted all types, big, small, gigantic and tiny. only ONE came up, the GIGANTIC one. it slowly grew and grew (and i do mean slowly). it's well over 6' tall with a sturdy thick stalk. it does have a flower on the top, BUT it's not yet bloomed. i'll keep my eye on it

anyway, as i was saying..........i need to say i'm sorry............

i went back inside and was enjoying a lovely beverage when i turned around and saw THIS:

(i'm told it's now well over 255,000 safe man person hours. it's, i believe he said 500,000)

of course i couldn't resist gently sharing my thoughts on black and blue square with the two nice gentleman seated at the table in back of me. i let it all out. in my own defense i DID preface my tirade with 'i know YOU'RE not responsible for this travesty. i know YOU are just working and feeding your families'. i am certain they were becoming uneasy and wondering who this nutjob was. i was making my own self uneasy.....i shut up (which is a rarity) for a bit and sent them over a drink. they were both very good sports and i do apologize. working on a project and being responsible for the idea of the project (or the TOWN GIVING THE PROJECT 50 SOMETHING MILLION DOLLARS WITHOUT THE TOWNSPEOPLE'S PERMISSION) is a totally different thing.

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