Monday, August 27, 2007

i'm old

i remember patrick as a VERY young kid. almost a baby. (he's STILL a young kid of course but i mean a little boy) i knew his father back (we worked together for more years than lots of people have been married) in the day but i didn't become friends with him until a bit later. when patrick was a boy. even though i don't see patrick's parents very often, they still have a very large part of my heart. they're dear, caring people.

i'm excited for him. i wonder how patrick will feel inking a friend of his pops?????

A CARTOON CLASS with Jon Squier of Collinsville when he was 8 influenced Patrick MacDonald's life. Meanwhile, the local artist, known for his ironic, humorous designs, developed an interest in tattooing. Now MacDonald is 22, and the two are opening a business together. A grand opening of the Main Street business is planned for Sept. 29. (RICK HARTFORD / August 22, 2007)

By MARK SPENCER Courant Staff Writer CANTON - When Patrick MacDonald was in the fifth grade he wrote an essay about his hero, Jon Squier.He had met Squier, a local artist and gallery owner, when MacDonald was 8 and his mother had enrolled him a cartoon drawing class Squier taught.MacDonald took the class, which fed his love of drawing, again and again. By the time he was in fifth grade he realized how hard it was to make a living as an artist. Squier was actually doing it - "living the dream" as MacDonald puts it - and as far as he was concerned, Squier was the man

These days, Squier and MacDonald are still teacher and pupil, though the roles seem to switch back and forth effortlessly between the two as they work together at Jon Art Tattoo, which Squier recently opened at 100 Main St. in Collinsville.Squier, 50, grew up in Cheshire and spent a good part of the 1980s as a street artist in New York City. He moved to Canton in the early 1990s and opened Jon Art Gallery, also on Main Street in Collinsville, where he sold his own work and that of other artists.......

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