Monday, July 23, 2007

it's getting uglier and uglier to live in west hartford

i am upset black and blue square was not only passed and built but it effed up our budget AND mill rate AND goddess only knows what else.

i am upset about west hartford center losing it's charm (in all fairness, it was starting to lose it's charm a while ago). i'm upset about the influx of traffic ALREADY starting in town.

i'm upset the kinds of things outlined in this article happen. i am a GIANT critic of what has happened to our town and what is happening to our town. yet, i would NEVER think to harass anyone OR threaten anyone OR destroy property.

it is morally reprehensible and i hope the guilty parties are caught AND made to pay

2 Recipients Denounce Mailed Cartoon
Item Is Described As Racist, Attack On Teaching Of Tolerance

By DANIEL P. JONES Courant Staff Writer

WEST HARTFORD - Two residents who received an offensive cartoon in the mail after speaking publicly in favor of West Hartford education spending say the image goes beyond anti-Semitism and attacks the idea of teaching tolerance and diversity in schools.Police continue to investigate the anonymous mailings, which arrived at several West Hartford residents' homes last week. At least three residents complained to police."My suspicion is that sentiment is not unique to West Hartford," one of the residents who received the cartoon said Thursday. "I wouldn't be surprised if it was picked up from some ultra-conservative fringe group. It certainly had earmarks of a [white] supremacist organization.".........

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