Thursday, July 26, 2007

i'm aghast

he claimed the FIVE YEAR OLD was the agressor

please understand this can happen when someone is 80. age means nothing. it is NOT about sex. it is about abuse AND about power. i don't know the history of this man. i don't know if he has a previous record. i don't know if he has dementia (seems like he doesn't according to the authorities).

my point is even when we're FIVE YEARS OLD we're blamed. we WANTED IT, we were ASKING for it.

80-year-old man ruled mentally competent in sex assault case

Bridgeport-AP) _ A Bridgeport judge has ruled that an 80-year-old Trumbull man is mentally competent to stand trial on charges of sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl.
The judge ruled yesterday that Anthony Azzopardi is mentally fit to go on trial. Azzopardi had been previously been committed for 60 days to the Whiting Forensic Institute in Middletown.
The alleged victim's parents had taken the girl to a doctor in April of 2006 for treatment of a urinary infection. Police say the girl told the doctor she had been sexually assaulted on several occasions by Azzopardi at his home.

Mental competency ruling expected/span>

........According to police, the girl was taken on April 5, 2006, by her parents to the doctor because of a urinary infection. During the examination, the girl disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted on numerous occasions by Azzopardi while he was babysitting for her at his home, police said. When officers confronted Azzopardi with the allegations, he allegedly told them the girl had been the aggressor and had sexually assaulted him. He also claimed she had thrown him on a bed, pulled his clothes off and sexually assaulted him. He said she then laughed at him and started playing with her dolls............

Police say that Azzopardi claimed the girl had been the aggressor and had sexually assaulted him.............


BrightCrow1 said...

This man hurt a child, beyond what may be qauntitatively measured. His age has no relevance to the assault. When I was young a friend thought a good job for me would be in a nursing home. Not knowing my history of sexual abuse and rape as a child,she thought my compassionate nature was a good match for the job. This Denver nursing home was one of the finest in the nation. Most of it's patients were private pay referred by the Christian Reformed Community, predominantly Dutch. It had never occurred to me that 87 yr. old men would be sexually agressive with me. Age has nothing to do with a mans ability to reach, grab,groap,or use women/girls in any manner available. My experience involved lucid males, all aware of the behavior they were intiating. A five year old couldn't get away, she's a baby in need of our protection. I'm not sure how the courts will rule on this. I don't need to be, I have ruled ,this man is a sex offender and can't be anywhere near children. May gaurdian spirits surround this child and any other youngster who has been violated. Sexaul violence has not been addressed seriously. We must publicly fund prevention programs to care for those who've been victimized. Early intervention is our only hope of reducing the number of would be assailents.Non-profit organitions can not handle the magnitude of this tragic social issue.

a rose is a rose said...

brightcrow, i couldn't agree with you more. i was NOT excusing this person. i was only saying i didn't know his background. i agree a perp can be MUCH older than 80 even. they can have a perfectly lucid mind.

i agree the issues and problems of sexual assault and violence aren't addressed. even when caught the perps don't get appropriate punishments in MOST cases

heck, look at the case where the woman at trial cannot even use the words rape OR victim OR sexual assault/rape kit

children and women ARE second class citizens