Wednesday, June 20, 2007

why is it i don't trust

what our government says about dragon skin armor???

at any rate, that is neither here nor there for gareth mello. let's wish him well along with all of the other deployed troops from connecticut AND the rest of the states as well!
(let's hope some day, some how, somewhere, there is NO MORE red tape and our troops can get ALL of the equipment they NEED WHEN they need it)

Steeled To Fight For Body Armor Marine's Father Pressing To Maximize Protection

By DAVID LIGHTMAN, Washington Bureau Chief

SOMERS -- Gordon Mello made sure his son, Gareth, took swimming lessons as an infant.Gordon Mello's brother had drowned at a young age, and he vowed to do all he could to teach his children how to deal with danger.
Protecting his son inevitably got harder as Gareth grew up. "You watched him get plunked by a pitch in Little League," the father recalled. "But you also know that learning the ability to bounce back develops confidence."Gareth Mello today is a 24-year-old Marine corporal, headed back to Iraq for a second tour of duty, and his father still feels a yearning to protect him. He's bought him $1,470 worth of equipment, including a Dragon Skin vest routinely used by some U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies to compensate for what the military is not providing...............

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