Wednesday, June 20, 2007

plan b at one way fare

UPDATE (click link to the right for pictures) - july 13 2007 : opening july 13 2007

(chris and eddie)

(chris, eddie and cathy)

i FINALLY ran into shawn yesterday. he and al are hard at work at one way fare in simsbury. he was SO excited. i've not seen him like this in a LONG time. all he could talk about was the lighting he got for the bar. they're being specially blown somewhere in ny (that is SO shawn!).

at any rate, i hear the joint should finally be open in approximately two weeks - give or take.

(shawn at the half door after a hard day of working at plan b at one way fare - all pictures taken at the half door by the way)

i can't wait. i know how hard they work to get everything perfect (yet you DO feel at home).
(dottie and marianne)

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