Sunday, May 06, 2007

the west end

i spend a lot of time in the west end. it's a great area. diverse, lovely, wonderful restaurants, bodegas, shops (try De Vars-Phillips Florist out. they have great gifts too, not just flowers) all sorts of people from college kids to elderly (there is an elderly housing complex on sisson by the fire house). oxford street is full of big beautiful homes (as are a lot of other streets in that hood. many historic buildings not just the mark twain home and harriet beecher stowe's house). of course my beloved half door is in the hood too. that doesn't hurt

CHRISTIAN AND KATE WINKLEY play with their daughter, Anna, outside their home on Oxford Street in Hartford, their first of several renovation projects on the block in the West End. They live on the first floor of the house above and rent out the other two floors. (ROSS TAYLOR)

Young City Homeowners Make Modern History
The house had asbestos siding, and all the architectural details were covered up. The porch was rotted, and the ceiling was caving in.But, says Kate Winkley, "the bones were there Christian and Kate Winkley transformed their three-family home on Oxford Street in Hartford's West End, and then they started to transform the neighborhood: They now own three other houses on the block and another just around the corner, all renovated or in the works."Multifamily houses are so often neglected; often they're non-owner-occupied," says Christian Winkley, noting that all but one of the houses on the block are multifamily dwellings. "This was a perfect block to bring back," Winkley says. "It just needed a little TLC," adds his wife.................

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