Monday, May 07, 2007

i'm not one to go to concerts (any more)

i don't like large venues (although i DID enjoy the allman brothers at whatever it's called now. before it was called what it is now mind you, the dodge theater or ford or yugo)

i DID see many a fine act at toad's though and i sure do hope to see many in the future (anyone remember the sting in new britain? i enjoyed the hell out of THAT place too. while we're at it, and i'm dating myself. how about the shaboo??? damn some GOOD GOOD GOOD times)

Famous night club ordered closed for three months

NEW HAVEN, Conn. --There will be no beers poured, no dancing, no screaming guitars, no gigs at Toad's Place for the next three months.
The famous nightclub, where stars from Count Basie to the Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash to U2 have all performed, shut its doors Friday for three months by order of the state Liquor Control Division.
Liquor control agents and police officers raided Toad's Place in November 2005 as the club was holding a "College Night."
The club was charged with selling of alcohol to minors and negotiated a settlement with the state. It agreed to close its doors for 90 days and pay a $90,000 fine. None of the underage drinkers was arrested.
"What's done is done," Toads General Manager Ed Dingus of Hamden told the New Haven Register. "We've got to play by the rules."..............


matt w said...

I can't remember his name, but the owner of Toads used to be a psycho drug user -- I remember a story of him getting wacked out of his brain and going to a grocery store, where he got a knife out and started attacking the watermelons....

a rose is a rose said...

no one should attack watermelons. why you ask? they just happen to be my absolute FAVORITE fruit!

i cannot speak for or about the owner. i don't know him, nor have i ever met him. i DID like the club though