Thursday, May 31, 2007


(and as a little aside, yet ANOTHER bear spotting in my hood, west hartford, yesterday)
i sure do hope mr peacock stays safe and sound.

Errant peacock nests in Seymour


SEYMOUR — He might have been abandoned. Perhaps he went looking for love and got lost along the way. Or maybe, after a career in a traveling exotic animal show, he simply wanted to retire.
Whatever the reason, a male peacock has decided to take up residence at the Meadow Brook Estates, an active adult community on Great Hill Road.
While no one knows where the peacock came from, he has made himself at home behind a cul-de-sac overlooking the Naugatuck River Valley.
"He picked the best spot with the best view," said Kathy Ekstrom, project executive for Meadow Brook Estates.
Deer, turkeys, coyotes and the occasional bald eagle have all been spotted in the 77 acres of open space next to the new homes. The most exotic animal sighting by far, the peacock showed up about a week ago and has since ingratiated itself to a group of neighbors who give it food and water.

A stray peacock walks away from the camera after being disturbed nesting behind a home on Eastwood Drive in Oxford.The peacock has taken up residence in the neighborhod where neighbors have been feeding it. (Phil Noel/Connecticut Post)

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