Monday, May 28, 2007

just a tiny little tale: my new best friend is a stripper

well ok, she's NOT my BEST friend but she is an acquaintance. i met her a few times before. we have a mutual friend acquaintance in common. i met her through him.

so yesterday, i was minding my own bid-nez as i am KNOWN for doing. i stopped by my favorite pub for brunch. i was chatting with the bartender (i always sit at the bar) who happens to be a dear friend of mine. she is having a rather rough time of late and i just wanted to listen and support her. after a while the stripper (whom i shall call ms s) comes in. i know she is a stipper because the last time i saw her i asked what she did for a living and she told me.

we nodded hello to each other. she sat a few seats down the bar and there were people in between us. after a bit, i went out to have a butt and as i passed her she asked if our mutual acquaintance had been in. i told her no, not that day. i thought he may have been at work. (he works some weekends). when i came back in i saw her on the phone. turns out it was the bartenders phone. ms s was using it because she went to some brazilian party (there is more of a story here but to tell you the truth, i never did get the whole gist of it) and somehow her phone got lost or misplaced or stolen. the bartender's phone was losing it's juice so i offered ms s the use of my phone. i had just charged it earlier that morning. since i rarely use it, i knew i had a lot of minutes left. plus it was the weekend and you get extra minutes anyway, PLUS i have carryover minutes which i'll never use. all she was doing was trying to track down HER phone. nothing untoward. ms s decided to come sit next to me. i always put my 'stuff' (i travel with a LOT of stuff. one never knows, does one???) on the chair next to me so no assholes have a chance of getting in my personal zone (it doesn't always work though. i attract 'em like flies to shite. if they can't sit NEXT to me they stand next to me, they stand in back of me, they lean over me, they breathe MY air). anyway, in a friendly gesture (which was sincere i might add), i removed my 'stuff' from the chair and i made it available to ms s. she plopped her moneymaker right on down. she was using the phone and every time she put it down, it would ring. she'd ask me if it was ok if she answered (i liked that she was polite enough to ask. manners mean a GREAT deal to me) each time. she made and received TONS of calls. i can't wait until some of those people start calling ME, perhaps thinking it was HER phone number. we'll see. could make for some classic moments in a rose is a rose's history.

ms s had on one clingy stretchy halter top showing the big tattoo on her lower back. the ONLY reason i did notice that was it is the part of her i saw each time i got up to have a butt and each time i came back in to my seat. i think she had shorts on but i can't be certain. i will say ms s has beautiful exotic eyes. i never really checked out her whole body though.

from my perspective the prior few times i had seen her, it looked to me like she was ALL OVER our mutual acquaintance. i thought she was hot for him. he is an attractive man. i don't know too much about him. i've known him for a while but we don't hang in the same circles. when i DO run into him, he's always decent to me so i've always been decent to him. he has issues (one of them is he can be VERY loud and rather frightening but if you tell him to knock it off, he will IMMEDIATELY stop) but then again we ALL have issues. my curiousity got the better of me (aw c'mon we all know it ALWAYS does. the mindin' my own bid-nez is just a load o' crap. i NEVER mind my OWN bid-nez) and i asked ms s what the deal was between her and our mutual acquaintaince. she asked me if i really wanted to know - OF COURSE I REALLY WANT TO KNOW, dang. so then she told me something that knocked me back. holy shite, i never saw it coming a mile away. it's nothing bad, it was just that i can ususally discern this about a person and i sure had NOT about him. that is if ms s was telling me the truth. i don't know, i don't know, i don't know. i'm still pondering it. in the same breath she also told me our mutual acquaintance wanted her to be his grrrlfren'. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (that is NOT exactly the message i got from him the last time i saw him but he never came right on out and said anything one way or another)

anyway, i hope ms s tracks her phone down

i hope i get more scoop on ms s and the mutual acquainance

i hope i get some amusing phone calls today

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