Tuesday, April 24, 2007

if you're really feeling that urge to fight

the testosterone is just oozing out of your pores and ya gotta rumble, there are BETTER PLACES to throw down than the lobby of a police station

(he should be suspended from the team-on stupidity ALONE)

UConn Football Player Sidelined After Two Arrests In One Week
Wide Receiver Also Banned From Team Activities Through May 29

STORRS, Conn. -- A UConn football player is sidelined after being arrested during Spring Weekend, and it wasn't the wide receiver's only run-in with police in the past week, NBC 30 reports.
One of Brandon Mclean's arrests occurred after a fight at police headquarters. Police said the other occurred at a campus dorm days earlier. .....

........UConn police said Mclean was one of several people involved in a fight in the lobby of the police department early Saturday morning, during which Mace was sprayed and fists flew. Mclean was charged with breach of peace.
He had already been arrested and charged with breach of peace for another incident earlier in the week. It was at the Hilltop Suites that UConn police said they arrested Mclean on Wednesday after he angrily refused to leave a dorm room. He also faces threatening and criminal trespass charges in the incident..........
Head coach Randy Edsall suspended the senior for the first three games of the season for conduct unbecoming a player. The first three games are at Duke, then home against Maine and Temple

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